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Solcelle.dk ApS was founded in 1999 with to principal activities area: photovoltaic and electronics.

Our main PV activities are:

– Sale, delivering, guidance & support of sustainable photovoltaic components and systems, standalone and grid connected.
– We offer a wide range of customised solutions in form of solar packages and complete photovoltaic solutions for institutions, industrial applications and private.

Our clients consist of:
– Distributors
– Governments and non-governmental organizations
– Wholesale dealers
– Power companies
– Research and Development Institutions
– Special projects
– Private customers

– Solar Panels and modules: framed and flexible, amorphous, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, ON-grid and OFF-grid for boat, caravan, cottages.
– Small windmills, wind turbines/chargers & regulators for wind turbines 12,24,48V, accessories & spare parts
– Solar charge controllers for OFF Grid solar systems, PWM and MPPT for 12V, 24V or 48V PV systems
– Sinus Inverter 12,24, 48V batteri to be used in OFF grid systems or ON grid systems
– Ventilation and heating, 12V Ventilation kit, Thermostats
– 12/24V Refrigerators and freezer, boxes
– Acid & Maintenance-Free batteries and battery accesories
– 12/24V Surface, lens, dive water pumps.
– Installation material, plugs & lugs, Fuses, fuse holder, switches, cable, screws, cable connectors
– LED Bulbs, LED strips, Fluorescent & LED Lighting Units for 12/24V DC or 230V AC

Operating Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM – 16:00 PM

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